Welcome to SpiritBorn Music Services!

Spiritborn Music Services is a music publishing and distribution division of ADS Media. We produce and mange music for both artists and partner with composers for TV, Film, Commercial and Corporate sync projects. We have long standing partnerships with additional libraries and publishers within unique markets to support our artist and composers. Working with our parent company, ADS Media, we primarily create the content that we distribute.

Our Vision

To record and distribute music of individual and collaborative writers that is inspired by the Spirit of God.

The Objective

To develop partnerships with artists and writers with the purpose of exposing their songs to the world.


Recorded, produced and created entirely by donations and reinvested revenue and made available to download.


We manage a variety of projects including both studio and live recordings and featuring fully video recorded events.

How does it work?


Spiritborn Music will publish, track and provide you with the necessary information to receive royalties for your music if it is currently being played on radio, television or in paying concerts. Send us the songs as required in our Music Publishing Registration Guidelines below. We will send you information about Spirit Born Music’s publishing and royalty rates, and information on our facilities and affiliates.

Submit your currently recorded work to our publishing department for review. If your song is unpublished and receiving radio or television airplay we can ensure you get paid royalties for your music. We will send you all appropriate forms to register you with the correct publishing society. We will publish your song(s) with all applicable affiliates, ensure a secured copyright, provide you with a proper charted lead sheet, and record a basic MIDI demo for our files. If your music is already receiving airplay, we need proof of airplay in the form a of a letter, or written confirmation from the station program director or authorized person from the organization that used your music. There is NO COST to you for a song registration. If you require written information about our companies publishing services, contact us!


Music licensing is intended to ensure that the creators of musical works get paid for their work. A purchaser has limited rights to use and reproduce the recorded work.


Artist receive royalties based on online monetization and distribution by radio and other broadcast methods that earn residuals and royalties. The publishing will be administered by Spiritborn Music to cover administrative and production costs. Funds raised by donations and funding initiatives will be distributed on a per project basis. Each writer will agree to compensation in our recording production terms and conditions contract.

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